Client Companies



GuardX, Inc.


Move from random collection of spreadsheets, databases and unmanaged information to a well structured data lake with Guardx. Run analytics and machine learning to get value from your structured and unstructured data.


Huntress Labs, Inc.


Hackers need initial access to get their malware on your computer, communications for the malware to steal your data, and persistence to start the malware after you reboot your computer. By targeting persistence, Huntress is able to detect infections that have slipped by anti-virus. Huntress works around the clock to discover these malicious footholds. As a result, they identify a compromise before it damages your reputation and requires costly IT remediation.

Leverege, LLC


Leverege develops software products that enable customers to intelligently manage and visualize large networks of diverse sensors; providing actionable insights and spotting trends that lead to better decision making.


The Internet of Things space is constantly changing and quite complex so they offer both Do‐It‐Yourself (DIY) and Do‐It‐For‐You (DIFY) solutions. With DIFY, they take care of all of the details and configure their products to meet your exact requirements so you can concentrate on running your business.




ParaTools, Inc., founded in 2004, is devoted to the development and application of tools for parallel computing systems, with specific expertise in high performance computing and performance analysis. The principals, Dr. Allen Malony and Dr. Sameer Shende, have over 30 years of professional experience in parallel computing. Most notable in their parallel tool development portfolio is the TAU Performance System® in use at research laboratories across the United States.


ParaTools provides consulting expertise in parallel and distributed computing, performance evaluation, algorithms, and software development.  With expertise in large-scale parallel systems, embedded real time systems, cloud computing, defense applications, and scientific computing, our consultants can assist you in applying performance tools effectively to your applications and optimizing code performance.  ParaTools also offers a diverse set of training materials for high performance computing and scientific computing on UNIX, Linux, and Windows.



With data everywhere, insights are a precious commodity. Organisations today have access to more data than ever before, yet the fear of having missed something continues to keep company executives awake at night. Access is no longer enough, you need the ability to filter and refine data in order to extract meaning and intelligence from it. By unlocking the information that is buried deep in the data, you can uncover the intelligence that’s most valuable to your use-case and strategy. We collect data from hundreds of thousands of open sources including news, blogs, forums, feeds and social media. By processing data of any kind, internal, external, structured and unstructured, Silobreaker puts an end to manual search and can support any company’s emerging intelligence needs.