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Cybersecurity takes on many forms at the bwtech@UMBC Research Park.  From incubators to co-working environments to full office suites for mature companies, cybersecurity is an integral part of our environment.  Learn more about our cybersecurty and IT programs.

Learn more about bwtech's specialized cybersecurity programs including our Northrop Grumman Cync Program, a highly competitive program for high potential cyber product companies, and our new iCyberCenter@bwtech, an international US market entry training and incubation program for qualified overseas cyber entrepreneurs.

Cyber Incubator

The Cyber Incubator@bwtech is a unique, innovative business incubation program that delivers business and technical support to early stage companies providing cybersecurity-related products and services. The incubator is located in a Class A office suite at the bwtech@UMBC Research Park, adjacent to the campus of the University of Maryland, Baltimore County (UMBC).

Cyber Incubator tenants enjoy business support services from bwtech@UMBC’s experienced entrepreneurial services team, robust data connectivity, shared reception areas and conference rooms, and a strategic location along I-95 only 5 minutes and less than 15 miles from Ft. Meade and the National Security Agency. Clients have an advantage of being near a dynamic and innovative research university with nearly 14,000 students and award winning faculty. UMBC makes strides every year in innovation in information technology, engineering, science and environmental studies. Clients also have access to UMBC's campus, including its library, dining, and fitness center. UMBC also offers a variety of degree and non-degree educatinal and training opportunities for resident businesses.

Cync Program

The Northrop Grumman Cync Program is a unique partnership between Northrop Grumman and the Cyber Incubator@bwtech, with an eye towards commercializing technology to protect the nation from a growing range of cyber threats. The Northrop Grumman Cync Program builds on bwtech@UMBC’s successful business-incubation framework by offering a scholarship program for companies with the most promising cybersecurity solutions.

The Cync Program continuously looks or innovative, technology-driven startup companies addressing critical market needs in one or more of the following areas of interest:

  • Cyber (e.g., situational awareness, threat intelligence, resilience)
  • Data Sciences (e.g., visualization, algorithms, advanced computing)
  • Big Data (e.g., streaming analytics, visualization, storage)
  • Secure Mobility (e.g., secure communications, secure operating systems)
  • Cyber Physical Systems / Critical Infrastructure Protection (e.g., intrusion detection, risk analysis)

This is a competitive program. Selected participants will be able to draw on UMBC's extensive research resources, bwtech's programming and entrepreneurial services, and Northrup Grumman's technical and business advisory support to further the development and market readiness of Cync company technologies. In addition, Cync companies will be provided with the same furnished, Class-A office space and business support services that other Cyber Incubaotr companies ejoy - rent-free while in the Cync program!

Visit the Cync website for more information.


This program is offered into two parts: Part 1 is a CEO-level Executive Training Program for overseas cyber entrepreneurs, which is an intensive, week-long course to help international cyber business leaders accelerate their understanding of the US cyber market and develop the most effective US market entry business strategies. Part 2 is a mentored 12-month long US Market Entry Incubator Program, which provides ongoing market entry and development support for qualifying overseas companies within the bwtech@UMBC Cyber Incubator. For more information, click here (PDF)


The CyberHive is a modernly designed business development co-working space for innovative cyber companies seeking opportunities with government, military and commercial sectors. The CyberHive expands on the Cyber Incubator Affiiate Program in which participants enjoy business support services from bwtech@UMBC's experienced entrepreneurial services team, robust and redundant data connectivity, shared reception areas, private phone booths, a coffee bar, and conference rooms without the requirements to rent a permanent office. Our programming includes roundtables and office hours with a wide range of bwtech@UMBC sponsors, as well as access to CyberTini and Cyber Innovation Briefing networking events. "Hive" participants also have the opportunity to regularly interact with bwtech@UMBC's cyber security community, which includes over 50 companies and agencies at bwtech@UMBC, as well as UMBC students, faculty and other resources. Click here for more information (pdf).


To contact the Cyber Incubator@bwtech, please email