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Training Programs


UMBC's Achieving the Commercialization of Technology in Ventures through Applied Training for Entrepreneurs (ACTiVATE®) program introduces highly-driven, mid-career women to the basics of entrepreneurship and technology commercialization. Trainees will work with technology innovations from universities in the region and turn them into technology-based, start-up companies. ACTiVATE® is a systematic model for increasing the commercialization of technology innovations from research institutions in the State of Maryland by training women entrepreneurs to create technology-based, start-up companies.

INNoVATE™ Program
INNoVATE™ is a unique program that offers scientific postdoctoral fellows and researchers the opportunity to develop the needed entrepreneurial skills to move innovations to the market. Focused on cultivating entrepreneurs from the more than 4800 postdocs in the state of Maryland, the INNoVATE™ program aims to train and educate today’s life scientists in the skills needed to create the high growth technology companies of tomorrow.

Moreover, INNoVATE™ is a training and development model for accelerating the translation of scientific discoveries into commercial technologies. The model can be customized by other research institutions across the country and in other parts of the world to teach their own scientists how to effectively work with business people and commercialize innovations from their own and other laboratories.

UMBC Training Centers
UMBC Training Centers offers high quality, affordable training and certification to individuals and organizations in the Baltimore region. Through its strategic alliance with UMBC, Training Centers draws on university faculty and industry practitioners to provide state-of-the-art coursework that leads to career advancement and improved organizational performance. Training Centers offers noncredit courses in the areas of information technology, biotechnology, engineering, professional development, business and allied health. Training Centers also provides flexible, custom training for business, government and the nonprofit sectors through its Contract Training initiatives.

Government Contracting Institute
The Government Contracting Institute offers the opportunity to receive instruction from leaders in the government contracting market on topics that will help your company fast-track market entry. Topics include: contractor registration requirements, socio-economic certifications, sales and business development, market research, proposal writing, oral presentations, accounting and legal issues, project and contract management and security clearances. Space is limited to ensure an optimal learning environment.

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