Cync Program


The Northrop Grumman Cync Program is a unique partnership between Northrop Grumman and the Cyber Incubator@bwtech, with an eye towards commercializing technology to protect the nation from a growing range of cyber threats.


The Northrop Grumman Cync Program builds on bwtech@UMBC’s successful business-incubation framework by offering a “scholarship program” for companies with the most promising cybersecurity ideas. 

Now Accepting Applications
The Cync Program is currently accepting applications from high-potential, early-stage companies from across the country looking to further develop and commercialize their technologies. We are looking for innovative, technology-driven startup companies, addressing critical market needs in one or more of the following areas of interest:


  • Cyber (i.e., situational awareness, malicious code detection, threat intelligence, resilience, vulnerability and risk analysis, high speed network processing & analysis)


  • Data Sciences (i.e., visualization, algorithms, advanced computing)


  • Big Data (i.e., streaming analytics, visualization, storage)


  • Secure Mobility (i.e., commercial solutions for classified (CfSC), secure operating systems (e.g., SEAndroid), secure communications)


  • Cyber Physical Systems / Critical Infrastructure Protection (i.e., intrusion detection/prevention systems, vulnerability and risk analysis)


More detailed information on each of these areas can be found here.


This is a competitive program, and selected participants will be able to draw on UMBC’s extensive research resources and have onsite access to senior representatives from Northrop Grumman that will provide technical and business advisory support to further the development and market readiness of Cync company technologies. In addition, Cync companies will be provided with the same furnished, class-A office space and business support services that other Cyber Incubator companies enjoy—all at no cost!

To be considered, companies should be able to demonstrate that they can (or will be able to) support their own staff and equipment needs, and should be developing innovative technologies in one of the above areas of interest. Finally, while we encourage applications from companies located across the country, the Cync Program does not provide relocation expenses. 

To apply, companies should submit an executive summary in the form of an annotated PowerPoint presentation using this template as a guide (please provide as much detail as necessary in the notes section).


Please submit all applications and supporting documents to:

Sarah Purdum
Cyber Business Coordinator, bwtech@UMBC Cyber Incubator


See the Cync Program's Frequently Asked Questions for more information.